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Terms and Conditions of Business

In these terms, COMPANY, you , yours means the party placing the order and responsible for payment. 'We', 'our' or 'us' means Pink Days Ltd and any of our trading styles.

All orders placed are for advertising subscriptions on our website or websites, which is published on the internet are subject to the following conditions:

The advertiser as specified in the your details section of the contract and advert, hereby agrees with Pink Days Ltd to place an advertisement on to the Pink Days Ltd website, in the location and as specified in the associated advertisement brief section, at the rate detailed in this agreement, upon terms set out herein and as per the Pink Days Ltd terms and conditions. The advertiser hereby agrees to pay Pink Days Ltd the sum agreed as set out in the payment section of the agreement.

The advertising has already been verbally authorised AND / OR correspondence requesting the advertisement has been received; by a duly authorised person on behalf of the your Company . You are confirming the already agreed contract by accepting these terms and condition and further more that you are duly authorised or have been given the authority to accept and enter into the contract for adverting on behalf of the company, along with the authority to detail the associated advert.

By ticking the Accept terms and conditions you are confirming that you are duly authorized by the Company to complete this Agreement, and to authorize payment, on behalf of the advertiser.

The company enters into this agreement and confirms that the advertiser shall be bound by the terms and conditions of Pink Days Ltd.

If you have not the authority to enter into an agreement on behalf of the Company you must not tick the accept terms and conditions and then the Company must in writing decline to advertise within 7 days, otherwise it will be assumed that the Company still wishes to continue with the advertising and to be bound by the contract.

-We request that you auto reply to the contract email , however the contract was formed and verbally agreed by your authorised person above and non auto reply is not deemed to be a cancellation of the contract verbally agreed and entered into.

-All cancellations must be done in writing with 30 days notice after the initial advertising period has finished.

- We reserve the right to refuse, amend, withdraw or otherwise handle any information submitted to publication at our absolute discretion.

- The Company confirms to us that the information provided for publication does not contravene any Act of Parliament and is not in any way illegal, defamatory or an infringement of the rights of any other party nor of the British Code of Advertising Practice. The Company also confirms that copyright, wherever appropriate, is vested in the Company.

- We will be insured by the Company indefinitely against any damage and / or expense which we may incur as a consequence, whether direct or indirect, of the publication of the information provided by the Company.

- You agree to pay us the charges as set out in the schedule in the invoice. Payment is due by the date specified. All invoices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. If any payment remains unpaid after the scheduled payment date, we reserve the right to charge interest at an annual rate of 4% above the base rate of Lloyds TSB Bank plc in force at the time of action.

- This is a minimum 12 month contract which will automatically be renewed. After the initial 12 month contract, 30 days notice is required in writing from the Company in order to terminate the contract. You will need to keep the acceptance reply email as proof of cancellation. If you are paying by Standing Order you will need to cancel this Standing Order instruction with your bank, failure to do so will result in continuation of advertising until payments are stopped.

- All information is accepted for publication on the understanding that any and all descriptions relating to the goods and / or services and to the Company are true and accurate.

- Any payment, whether partial or full, constitutes acceptance of the contract, terms and conditions of business.

- The contract will only be authorised by Pink Days Ltd. Once the contract is authorised a contract reference will be issued.

- We take every care to avoid mistakes, but cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions in the information published. It is for the Company to check the accuracy of the information published and advise us of any errors contained therein.

- All copy and pictures must be supplied without application from us. We reserve the right to create an advert from online sources or other available information until we receive specific advertising details from the Company. We reserve the right to publish the basic information only.

- All copy and pictures must be supplied in the required format and copywrite free. The information for publication, including the categories, sub categories, regions and areas will be decided upon by us and we reserve the right to alter, change or amend this at any time without notice. Pictures must be provided in electronic format - either .tif, .jpg or .gif. Electronic images must conform to the image and file sizes stated. We reserve the right not to publish the information if it is not supplied in the correct format.

- Any loss of advertising time shall be automatically added to the end of the advertising period.

- In the event of any act or conduct on the part of the company likely to bring the advertising medium into disrepute, we shall be entitled to remove the advertisement from the advertising medium without any obligation to refund any monies to the company.

- If due to any circumstance the we feel it necessary to a alter , change or improve the advertising medium, then Pink Days ltd can choose at our discretion to move the advertisement to an alternative site and the company shall have no claims whatsoever to a refund of any monies paid or due to us.

- We cannot be held responsible for changes in the dates of updates to the information. Generally, updates are undertaken as soon as possible, but we reserve the right to change this arrangement as and when necessary.

- We reserve the right to modify the wording of any classification or category in the sections of the website.

- These conditions and the contract between ourselves and the Company are governed in accordance with the Laws of England.